A super-quick, late-night post:

Craziness of project for school, craziness of trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep the dinner group organized, craziness with temple committee stuff, craziness starting a poetry club…. Craziness! Did I say craziness?

All of that contrasted with The Most Relaxing Weekend EVAR (to vernaculate). I attribute the relaxatiousness of the weekend to a combination of watching General Conference, and a drive in the canyon to see the colorful trees with some friends.

Things I wish I could be working on right now but just haven’t gotten to:

  • statistical analysis of collocations in the rongorongo corpus, plus development of GUI to facilitate it.
  • finishing the story I’ve been working on for the last few months.
  • reading “Poetry: An Introduction”.
  • really learning about graduate programs and getting my applications started.
  • solidifying/actually learning information theory and probability theory.

As the Spanish-speakers say: ¡Uf!

And, lastly, I’m introducing a new feature to at least this post. Here it is:

This Post Contributes to the Endless Self-renewal of Language By:

Promoting Uncommon Verbifications

  • to vernaculate: to use the vernacular.

Coining New Words / Nonces

  • relaxatiousness: the quality of inducing one to experience a sensation of relaxation.



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