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A super-quick, late-night post:

Craziness of project for school, craziness of trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep the dinner group organized, craziness with temple committee stuff, craziness starting a poetry club…. Craziness! Did I say craziness?

All of that contrasted with The Most Relaxing Weekend EVAR (to vernaculate). I attribute the relaxatiousness of the weekend to a combination of watching General Conference, and a drive in the canyon to see the colorful trees with some friends.

Things I wish I could be working on right now but just haven’t gotten to:

  • statistical analysis of collocations in the rongorongo corpus, plus development of GUI to facilitate it.
  • finishing the story I’ve been working on for the last few months.
  • reading “Poetry: An Introduction”.
  • really learning about graduate programs and getting my applications started.
  • solidifying/actually learning information theory and probability theory.

As the Spanish-speakers say: ¡Uf!

And, lastly, I’m introducing a new feature to at least this post. Here it is:

This Post Contributes to the Endless Self-renewal of Language By:

Promoting Uncommon Verbifications

  • to vernaculate: to use the vernacular.

Coining New Words / Nonces

  • relaxatiousness: the quality of inducing one to experience a sensation of relaxation.

Today in the Life of Josh

  • Awake a bit after noon, shocked to have slept so late. (Gotta set an alarm!)
  • Standard prepare-for-the-day stuff. (Pray, shower, read scriptures, eat breakfast (super late breakfast))
  • Walk to campus and give Nathaniel the tie that the Sister Sessions bought for us for Britten’s wedding
  • Work in the lab—debugging the regressions in the Language-ID system so I’m ready for my presentation on Thursday.
  • Walk home a bit after 7. Run in to Mary and chat with her on the way.
  • Eat a dinner of rice and veggies graciously provided by Mary, then go to Family Home Evening across the street at the intramural field.
  • Listen to Gabe’s lesson on dealing with doubts (using Nickel Creek’s “Doubting Thomas” song, which I liked)
  • Walk/run/sneak across town to Kiwanis park as we played “Fugitive”. (When I played that at home in high school we called it Mission Impossible.) On the way I ran into two friends from my last ward. Chatting with them resulted in my capture at the hands of Barney and his evil accomplices, but catching up with friends is more important!
  • Come home and write this post