Category: linguistics

  • ‘they’ is not a drop-in replacement for ‘he’ and ‘she’, but we could use one

    Singular usage of ‘they’ is well-established in English, going back centuries. Depending on your exposure to it, you may yourself use it regularly, as I happily do. It’s great having a single word that can refer to individuals whose gender is unclear or unspecified. However, gender-neutral ‘they’ and its friends ‘them’, ‘their’, and ‘theirs’, do […]

  • Obamanymy

    One of the great things about the impending presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is that his name is awesome. I guess that’s what you get when your last name begins with an open syllable (meaning that it starts with a vowel). I predict that a whole new subfield of onomastics dedicated to the study of […]

  • Super-Quick

    A super-quick, late-night post: Craziness of project for school, craziness of trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep the dinner group organized, craziness with temple committee stuff, craziness starting a poetry club…. Craziness! Did I say craziness? All of that contrasted with The Most Relaxing Weekend EVAR (to vernaculate). I attribute the relaxatiousness of […]