On The Road Again: Bidding Farewell to The Vato

This is the momentous final post from my old ¡Oye, vato! blog. Shed a virtual tear for all the good times….

Here we are, at the crossroads of history. For something like the three hundred twenty-third time in five years, my blog is moving, hopefully for good. The new address: http://joshhansen.net/

Weird. There’s something strangely familiar about that domain name, but I can’t quite put my finger on it….

You see, the recent economic downturn has hit the ¡Oye, vato! crew with unexpected severity. We’ve had to fire all the administrative staff, limit PR to Internet-only stuff, and cut the editorial department down to just one schmo with seniority. It’s a dark time here at the office.

So, in order to economize and refocus the operation, we’re combining forces with the folks over at the highly exclusive Ziggity Zam site to produce a new blog of epic proportions: monstropolitan. But yeah, the address is just joshhansen.net, the boringness of which required us to compensate with an exciting and incomprehensible name that sounds like some new Godzilla-flavored ice cream. What do we have to lose except our dignity?

Cutting through the pretenses, this new site allows me to combine my public blog (this one) with my family-only, private blog. Especially if they’re my buddies or kinsmen, people who register and log in at this new site will get special privileges like access to posts I don’t feel comfortable throwing out to the Internet in general 😉 But, for the most part, it’s all public so you probably don’t really have to bother.

I have, however, started putting up some of my poetry, and most of that will only be available to logged-in friends and family. (Like reading my poetry is really some great motivation to sign up!) I also plan to put up pages about school, research, and professional stuff. In that sense, joshhansen.net will be a lot like Josh Hansen: the online edition.

Hopefully I’ll see you—or, at the very least, you’ll see me—there.

P.S. All of the content (posts and comments) from this blog has been transferred over to the new one.






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