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  • Resolved

    Hello, friends! Hello, blog! Been a while, eh? In the long history of this blog (existing in various forms since January 2004!) there have often been dry spells. Droughts, if you will. But then something drives me back to the blog to at least make an appearance. I sort of feel like it’s time for […]

  • My Blog Be Back

    Once upon a time, a web hosting provider utterly lost the entire site of one of its customers, without any backup. Surprisingly enough, the user in this Brothers Grimm-like cautionary tale was yours truly! Now, after months of neglect, I’m finally getting back up on its virtual feet. Sorry about the downtime. Unfortunately this […]

  • A Question for my Loyal Readers

    I have a multi-part question for you guys: Do you have a Google account? If so, do you have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot? If so, in your Blogger dashboard, when you click on the “Settings” tab, is there a sub-tab called “OpenID”? If so, if you click on “Log in” at the top of my […]