Photography and Computational Linguistics

***The albums aren’t working right now 🙁 ***

Now you get to see a random image from my photo albums on the side of my blog page. I think its pretty cool! All of the pictures on there right now are from the trip that Paul, Mark, and I took to Britten’s house in San Diego during memorial day weekend.

Other news: I took my Spanish 321 final yesterday, heralding the end of Spring term and the beginning of a lazy summer. Yahoo!

Also, I have lately been working on a computer program called NetLing that is designed to do some analysis of word usage patterns in online mailing lists over time. Hopefully I can get some neat results out of it and perhaps get published someday(???)

Last thing: I’m trying to get blogs and photo galleries set up for everybody (my family, my roommates and friends here at school, etc.) Hopefully I’ll have things worked out soon. I’ll let you all know!



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