Category: coding

  • Brain Asplode?

    This is what I stare at all day—and I like it! *gasp!* :-O Please click on the image for the full size, and be sure it’s zoomed in all the way. Stare for 15 minutes or until desired effect is achieved. (Eyes will glaze over.)

  • A Return to Blogism

    My good friend Michelle pointed out with disappointment that I hadn’t posted anything to my blog for months. I made her what I hoped wouldn’t become a hollow promise: to post, or, in other words, to return to blogism. Well, Michelle, here it is. The Past I’ve been spending a lot of time lately transcribing…

  • Photography and Computational Linguistics

    ***The albums aren’t working right now 🙁 *** Now you get to see a random image from my photo albums on the side of my blog page. I think its pretty cool! All of the pictures on there right now are from the trip that Paul, Mark, and I took to Britten’s house in San…