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  • Медесифра!

    This post is in honor of finally getting my blog to support Unicode characters, including Cyrillic and nearly every other writing system in existence. It used to just replace non-Western-European characters with question marks, but no longer! This is a big deal for someone as fond of writing systems as me. This has caused problems […]

  • Forests Real and Imagined

    Forests. Lots of plants, big and small, living together on land. Animals dwell there. Hunters hunt there. Recluses and far-away grandmas live in cabins there. How many fairytales take place in a forest? How many books you’ve read? Is the forest good, evil, or both or neither? When was the last time you sat on […]

  • Powers of Two

    Okay, I know I just had a post called “Two Ideas”. I guess I’m feeling binary lately. Here goes…. The two books I bought today Algorithms—this is for Computer Science 312. I think it will go a long way towards being able to understand what the people in the NLP lab are always talking about. […]