A false dichotomy

Objective and subjective are the same thing. Somehow. But we all default to dualism – it’s very hard to actually conceive of how the material and experiential worlds are equivalent since, of course, it’s one of the great unsolved problems of our time.

That laughter can be provoked by manipulating a certain location in the brain, and also feels funny, is so mind-boggling (maybe literally).

There’s a tendency to reduce it all to the material side of the coin. But material reality as we currently understand it doesn’t seem to explain subjective experience. The full explanation encompasses both.

There are many other dualities out there that end up reducing to a single shared explanation. Space and time come to mind. Particles that are also waves… or, maybe more accurately, are something previously unconsidered that hybridizes waves and particles. In computer science, nondeterministic finite state automata can surprisingly be represented using deterministic automata. And so on.

Often the dichotomy exists only in our understanding, not in the nature of reality.

We both experience, and are, part of the universe.







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