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  • A false dichotomy

    Objective and subjective are the same thing. Somehow. But we all default to dualism – it’s very hard to actually conceive of how the material and experiential worlds are equivalent since, of course, it’s one of the great unsolved problems of our time. That laughter can be provoked by manipulating a certain location in the…

  • Philosothought

    The acknowledgement of difference is the first step on the path to the integration of difference. Those who discriminate must resemble the thing they discriminate against at least enough to recognize it. To pattern match, the system must somehow embody the pattern. The seed of overcoming discrimination is present within the discrimination itself.

  • Make Donald Drumpf Again

    Dear America, Vote no to Donald Trump. We’re better than this. There are other, better ways. He’s far from who he claims to be, and even further from who we need leading and representing this country. Please, I beg you, vote no. If you’re not sure why I care so much about this, here’s a…