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  • The Josh Hansen Review of 2016 Iowa Victory Speeches; or, Anguish of the Political Independent

    I just watched the Iowa “victory” speeches of Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Here are my notes on the themes struck by the candidates, and how their speeches came across to me, an idiosyncratic nonpartisan who isn’t anybody’s target audience. Everybody Everybody seems to agree on a few things. […]

  • “Broken Spears” and the Book of Mormon

    One of the most interesting books I’ve ever read is “The Broken Spears”—a collection of indigenous and Spanish records documenting the conquest of Mexico shortly after the fact. While reading I unexpectedly noticed parallels with the Book of Mormon record. In fact, I found so many that I began to keep track of them. Some […]

  • Soy Combatiente

    Desde crío Me conducían el soñar. Todo era imposición. Desde niño Controlaban lo que iba a pensar. Mataban la ilusión. Lo que no mata, me fortalece hoy! Ser combatiente Me fortalece hoy, por hoy, por hoy! Y nunca quise ser igual. Nunca me latió ser del rebaño. Pensar tan diferente hoy, Hoy me tiene vivo […]