You know, it’s kind of easy to get freaked out about a possibly approaching tidal wave of global fatalities when every day brings so much news about the “swine flu pandemic”. While that does seem to be frighteningly real possibility, I liked this:

While the infected need access to medical care and anti-viral drugs, the rest of the world needs an inoculation against scary statistics and misinformation. [A Vaccine Needed for Bad Statistics]

In other words, yes, this could be a global catastrophe. But, unlike what a scan of recent headlines will make you think, that is still just a possibility. Maybe it will be 1918 all over again. Then again, maybe it will be forgotten like SARS. Whichever way it goes, I’m going to try to keep my panic level proportional to the body count.

By the way, here are two cool maps: 1 2






5 responses to “Pandemonium”

  1. Maria Avatar

    So true! We need a happy medium between the doomsayers and those who think we are invincible. People, wash your hands a lot and don’t go out if you feel sick. That right there will prevent a lot of bad things besides porcine flu and save you a lot of anxiety and paranoia.

  2. cking Avatar

    So my sister blogged about the swine flu and had a very interesting

    1. Josh Avatar

      Yeah, she summed that up very nicely!

  3. Dayna Slack Avatar
    Dayna Slack

    Ya, it is pretty rediculous if you ask me. I like your comments. It is funny to see what people are getting all hyped up about.

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