Josh Hansen Profile Picture Mega-Competition 2008! (Updated 1)

I’ve arrived at the pinnacle of vanity, and now, as a rite of passage, I must hold a profile picture competition. I’ve had some pretty sweet profile pictures in the past, if I do say so myself (and I think I just did.) I know you’ve all been hording pictures of Josh Hansen for ages; now it’s time to dust off the photo albums, get those pages from your scrapbook, and scour your computer for the best of the best.

With that preamble, I hereby proclaim the much-anticipated

Josh Hansen Profile Picture Mega-Competition 2008!

Which, of course, was not anticipated by anybody, ever!

The idea: Gather up your photos of me, use your imagination, photoshop, oil paints, whatever—and crank out the awesomest picture for Josh Hansen to use on his Facebook profile.

The rules:

  1. Your submission must somehow use a picture of me (Josh Hansen) or some recognizable reproduction thereof (drawings, sculptures, sock puppets, etc.) and must be usable as a profile picture on Facebook.
  2. It mustn’t be offensive, according to me.
  3. I have to like it. (In case that wasn’t already obvious.)

Submissions: Email images to me. If you don’t know my email address or how to get it, then you probably shouldn’t be entering 😉

Deadline: February 29th at 11:59:59 pm.

THE PRIZE: A box of brownie mix with a bow on it. I’m too lazy to cook the brownies for you, sorry. But this way you can have brownies whenever you want!

Prior Profile Pics

Here are all of my past profile pictures, which you are welcome to use as source material:

Valentine—16 December 2006

valentine - 16 December 2006
Frame and caption: Mark Sanderson

Profile Profile—9 February 2007

the profile profile pic - 9 February 2007
Photo: Britten Sessions

On The Seine—9 June 2007

on the seine - 9 June 2007
Photo: Grace/Charlotte/Tommy/Molly

On The Seine—Wide Angle—9 June 2007

on the seine - wide angle - 9 June 2007
Photo: Grace/Charlotte/Tommy/Molly

Gawking At Paris—30 August 2007

gawking at paris - 30 August 2007
Photo: Grace/Charlotte/Tommy/Molly

Disturbing—5 November 2007

(This is the one that my friends in Russian 201 put up for me. If you try photoshopping my face onto this creepy guy’s body, you will lose! Though it might still be worth doing for humor’s sake.)

disturbing - 5 November 2007

Attack—Black Background—5 November 2007

attack - black bg - 5 November 2007
Photo: Sam Lasley

Attack—White Background—5 November 2007

attack - white bg - 5 November 2007
Photo: Sam Lasley

Guitongue—7 January 2008

(My current picture). Photo by my niece? My nephew?

guitongue - 7 January 2008

For those of you who have made it this far, it’s worth observing the disproportionate number of photos in which I am wearing some kind of vest. Interesting….

Update 1: Added PRIZE information!






2 responses to “Josh Hansen Profile Picture Mega-Competition 2008! (Updated 1)”

  1. Maria Avatar

    I’m thinking about making that sock puppet . . . hmmm. Too bad I already gave you a birthday present.

  2. Jeff & Michelle Avatar

    Looks like I need to dig through some old photos!

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