We Are Children of God

What does this mean? Here are some ideas:

The all-consuming fire of God’s love

There is simply no end to it. I don’t claim to understand it because my imagination of love is generally limited by the degree to which I am able to love. But I can believe in the unendingness of his concern and his care.

Confidence in self and faith in the future

Father in Heaven plans and works continually for our good. It’s difficult to fathom because we often assume he is subject to the same limitations that we are, but he comprehends in exquisite detail the consequences of the happenings in our lives. He knows what he wants us to be. Don’t you suppose that each day angels are dispatched to set in motion the chains of events that ultimately bring great blessings into our lives?

You are never alone

Angels and the Holy Ghost are also sent to comfort us, to guide other people to help us, to helps us to live lives more fully and happily than we would on our own. Do you ever get the feeling that left up to your own devices things wouldn’t be going so well? Well, that’s because they wouldn’t be, and you aren’t left to your own devices!

No farewells

We will see our friends and family again when united before God’s throne. Of course we will say ‘goodbye’ to people, and we will miss those who step from mortality to immortality before we do. But there will be reunion! The tears we shed upon parting in this life will be dried in the next as we renew the sweetest associations we enjoy here.

Life without an ending

We will, in our happiest state or better, exist continually from now onward into eternity; death need not destroy our relationships, our personality, our hopes, our selves; we ought to treat each other well, because we could influence the quality of other people’s eternal existence by what we do and say; for those whose existence here makes them wish there was an end, there will come and end to their suffering.

We can be so much more

Let us lift our heads up to see a brighter vision, a nobler view of ourselves. In spite of our failings and deficiencies, in spite of the weaknesses that to us are blatant and inexcusable, because we are children of God we can be—we are—good. We can be kind, we can discover truth and fight to defend it, we can love fervently and endure hardship for the good of those we care for. [In Old English, God literally means good, after all. Children of good! How could we become something that our parent is not?]

We can choose to follow him

Because he is worthy of our trust and of being followed and emulated. Because there is no better companion for traveling the roads of our lives.






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