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  • Mormonism Unveiled! (Again!)

    A Harvard Latter-day Saint girl named Rachel Esplin explains Mormonism in the above video. I appreciate the open-minded faith, the awareness of the dogma vs. doctrine distinction, and the ability to explain and connect.

  • Familiar Territory

    My sincere apologies, friends, but I must impose upon your eyes, web browsers, and feed readers yet again because there now wells up within me that ancient anger against injustice that has boiled the blood of many a Mormon before me. Now, don’t get me wrong: this is familiar territory for us Mormons. Once again,…

  • So Open It’s Closed

    There is a point at which an open mind becomes so open that it closes in on itself. At least, that’s what I think. At some point, the willingness to consider any and every thought as at least initially equivalent can wash out any willingness to evaluate the accuracy of those viewpoints. At that point,…