Amigote vuelve a levantarse la cabeza fea

Ahhhhrrhrhrhrhhaarrrrhhhhhh! That’s the sound of a thousand joints popping and creaking as I stretch out my blogging muscles. Faithful reader (how can you be a faithful reader of a blog that never posts!?), surely you have observed that a burning VW van no longer graces the top of our beloved peasant kingdom. I did love that burned out terrorist conveyance, but our ways have parted like Hamilton and Burr, like Lenin and Trotsky, like a pizza delivery boy and his sweet pepperoni confections. Now the reign of the ostrich is upon us, and it’€™s time for another Blog Identity Crisis™. No, I take that back. The last time we peered into the soul of The Vato, we unearthed an unbearable horror that ought not to afflict humanity again for another milennium.

Entonces… la cosa es que debo explicarles los acontecios de mi vida de los meses que he pasado sin blogear nada. First is that I passed my morphology/phonology class (Linguistics 427) with an A, giving me a 4.0 GPA in all of the classes in the major except for the Senior Seminar (490) which I should take in the fall semester. I’€™m very glad about that, and I owe the good grade very much to the Lord for helping me to stay sane and do my best, and to my study group, the legendary MorphoMasters.

Second is that the good ol’€™ español is suffering from serious neglect. Not a single class in the language since fall of last year! My little snippets of spanish in this and other posts are surely riddled with grammar errors that would make my 321 professor choke on his mole poblano (assuming he eats such delights with any degree of regularity.)

Third, I’m now retaking Computer Science 240, which I failed two years ago before I decided to bail out on the CS major. It’€™s going well so far, with two of our labs done, and the programming exam passed on the second try. The class is a basic course in C++ and advanced programming methodology. Being a great Linux user and fan, this is filling in an critical gap in my skills and knowledge. It’€™s a good feeling, although I doubt I’€™ll still be saying that when we’re in the throes of the reimplimentation of “make”€™ or the last project, a chess game. But at this point, with a big black mark on my GPA coming from my previous attempt at this class, I have absolutely nothing to lose (except for a bit of tuition money, of course). Hopefully all will go well!

Fourth, I’€™ve been following the situation in North Korea very closely, my main sources of information being the Korea Liberator and NKZone blogs listed in the “Liberation”€ section of my blogroll.

All my love to my friends and family, if I can ever persuade them to keep tabs on my blog!
– Josh






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