Amigote: a blog identity crisis!

Ok, I’ve begun the process of developing my own theme for this blog. Its ancestry goes directly to the c3ro theme, and basically it is exactly the same… for now! The name of my version of the theme is “Amigote” which as we all know is Spanish for “big jerk friend” (approx. translation). I figured, Hey, the name of my site is ¡Oye, vato! for as-yet unexplained reasons, so why not make the name of the theme be “amigote” for similarly unexplained reasons?

Which leads me to a much needed digression: it’s time that “we” here at ¡Oye, vato! suffer our first blog identity crisis! Everybody cheer!

The first problems are, What the heck does ¡Oye, vato! mean? and ¿do you always have to write the upside down exclamation point? From the lovely website Pachuquismos we get this definition of “vato”:

Vato: Used instead of “homeboy”, “dude”, etc.

So pretty much this blog could be retitled en inglés, “Hey, Dude!” Except that’s not nearly as cool and was the name of a ridiculous TV show on Nickelodeon a million years ago (does anybody else remember that?)

Moving on (without addressing the exclamation point issue)…. “We” “staff member(s)” here at ¡Oye, vato! are realistic about the amount of exposure our astoundingly insightful commentary on world events and the state of software receives; so far, we know of one semi-regular visitor: The Shark. You know, the fellow who brought you such moving posts as Russian squirrel pack “kills dog” and… Anyway, “the editorial board” here, while grateful for the consistent high quality of The Shark’s contributions to the ¡Oye, vato! community, acknowledges that a greater diversity of worldviews and a greater number of eyes looking for psycho news stories are both in order. For this purpose, we are now listed with Technorati in an effort to increase The Vato’s sphere of influence.

So, as we wrap up this identity crisis, let’s review:

  1. always refer to the first person singular using the first person plural

And that’s pretty much it. Thanks for tuning in, and sorry if the sarcasm was a bit too thick. Good night!






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