A bit of the basics:

Ok, so a little bit more about this blog, or rather, about myself. My name is Josh and I’m a student at Brigham Young University. I study … well, lots of things! Computer Science is one, but I’m also aiming for a second major in English Language with an emphasis in Historical English Linguistics. I’m a highly opinionated guy if you catch me on the right (or would it be wrong?) issues. For example, software patents!

As far as politics, my family is historically quite Republican. Same goes for me, but I’m definitely not a party hard-liner. I think the GOP needs to back off on supporting big business so much. Also, we’ve got to actually keep the federal budget under control! Gosh, Clinton could do it, and he was a Democrat!

I’m a solid member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka the Mormons. I served as a missionary for the Church in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission, and right now I live in Provo, Utah, but natively I’m from Kennewick, Washington State.

I encourage all of my friends to use Mozilla Firebird as their web browser, and Mozilla Thunderbird as their mail client. If you use Firebird, I can tell you how to completely block those ads at the top of this page 😉 For an operating system, I recommend Linux over Windows if you’re willing to get your hands dirty a little in order to free yourself from The Evil Empire. And for entertainment, nothing can quite top Homestar Runner.

A crazy, yowling cat just walked by outside the apartment window.

Oh, where was I? Let’s see, life mottos: probably first and foremost, from the New Testament, “The Truth Will Make You Free”. I really believe that. It may be a bit trite, but it really is true that we all must be constantly engaged in the pursuit of truth, no matter where it comes from. I’m a Mormon, but if a Methodist or a Catholic or a Muslim or a Jew or an Atheist has an idea that smacks of truth, I ought to consider it. If it turns out to not be substantiated, that doesn’t say anything about their religion or non-religion; truth stands on its own. The truth or falsehood of a particular notion has no influence on the validity of the channel through which it was received (although general trends should be observed; a person who has told you nothing but lies is fairly likely to continue doing so, etc.)

My next thought relating very closely to Christ’s admonition on truth is this: “Truth Stands Independent of Perception.” Truth is not relative. Only our perception of truth is.

Enough for now. Good night!



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