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  • Hubris

    When I saw that the various things I was working on and talking about with people brought a Tennyson poem, Doctrine and Covenants 45, a book about pre-Columbian civilizations, and my own poetic musings together in one place, I was filled with intellectual vanity. At his request, I started telling my professor my thoughts about […]

  • Fall Semester

    I blame my lack of blogging in recent months on being busy with my first semester of graduate school. In the interim before I start the next semester, I want to let you—oh loyal reader—know what was going on in my life during that time. 1. Per my stake president’s counsel given more than a […]

  • So Far, So Good

    Of course, having a good first day as a graduate student is bound to be a poor predictor of the whole graduate experience: everybody knows that nothing but syllabus-reading ever happens on the first day of class. Nevertheless I am glad to have had a good first day in the computer science MS program today. […]