Epitaph Upon A Dream (For Tender Hearts)

28 November 2008

When everything’s all wrong
And, in that life that you imagined,
Someone else now plays your part,
Sings the same unsuspecting song
Now lingering in your memory,
A dirge for all that will not be—

When the sight of the unobtained
Brings longing’s cold and bitter fire,
The black despair of condemned desire
By God and man alike disdained,
Back to your heart, and secret tears
Burst forth when no one else can hear—

And when the pledge of love was glibly made
And at last you thought your heart would rest,
The words now echo in your ears
And, evidence of trust betrayed,
Stand an epitaph upon the dream
Now buried here by hope’s deceit—

Weep—and know I weep with you.


2 responses to “Epitaph Upon A Dream (For Tender Hearts)”

  1. Megan Price Avatar
    Megan Price

    I like this one. It resonates really strongly with me. Specifically the idea of an epitath for the loss of a life you dreamed of/expected. In the last few years I’ve been through some rough seperations from people I loved and it’s really helped me process those feelings by allowing myself to see it as grief for the loss of a life. Used to be that I was embarrased when relationships didn’t work out and make me feel like there was something wrong with me or I that it was somehow a failure on my part. Allowing myself to mourn the loss allows me to validate the feelings I had for someone instead of doubting myself or feeling like it was a mistake.

    Anyway…. rambling…… and yes, I am facebook stalking you. That’s how I found the link to your page. ?

    1. Josh Hansen Avatar

      Haha, no worries, glad you found my blog 😛 I forgot about this poem! I’m glad it did something for you. I think mourning is one of the most natural things and we don’t do enough of it in our culture. Heck, I think I had to mourn when I sold my old car. Thanks for reading!

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