Category: poetry

  • What Will Become?

    So there’s this girl who thinks she’s no good because she’s like me and you you know she makes mistakes does not nice things does good things for wrong reasons in other words she’s amazing, just not perfect I wish she could see wish she could feel wish that she would stop hurting herself but…

  • By Very Small Means

    A drip, a drop, Percolate, plop, Pooling, puddling, Flowing, flooding, Torrent tearing, Eroding, wearing, Gully grinding, Chasm winding, Until is seen from outer space A Grand Canyon on the planet’s face. And so this thought: It happened drop by drop. ((As seen on The Curiously Poetic Altoids!))

  • But I Do

    With words, sweet words—the currency of the day— He tells how you’ve won his heart. Giving roses, dozen roses—Earth’s love letters loaned— He says he’ll always, ever be true. And maybe, By the swoons, the gasps, the thrills, It’s justified. The symbols are so sweet because of What they signify. But allow me to observe…