What Will Become?

So there’s this girl
thinks she’s no
good because she’s
me and you
you know
she makes mistakes
does not
nice things
does good
things for wrong reasons
in other words
she’s amazing, just
not perfect

I wish she could see
wish she could feel
wish that she
would stop hurting
but remember how
I said she’s just like us?
what if we
don’t love ourselves either?
just like you and me
so where’s the higher ground?
I really want to lift her up
I need some
higher ground
need some

What will become
of the Devil
when we all
learn to love
all learn that
God loves us for a reason?
What will become?

2 thoughts on “What Will Become?

  1. Merry

    Josh, thanks for posting this!!! It’s beautiful. What will become of the Devil? I don’t know, but I’d sure like to see!!


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