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  • Fired

    It’s like a fire. It burns, The anxiety, the fierce desire To preserve this reserve Of liberty To maintain the promise The magic The myth Of us as one people Of government for us And by us And of us. Oh let it not perish From the earth. Let not our times Be the times […]

  • Mom’s Suicide

    On March 1st, 2003 my mother shot herself in the head, ending her life at the age of 46. Today marks twelve years since that day. For much of that time I rarely ever spoke of my mother’s suicide. One small indication of this: the first posts on this blog were less than a year […]

  • Living in the Past (+Poem)

    Living in the Past (+Poem)

    I’ve always been inclined to living in the past. For evidence, you need look no further my many-years-long effort to transcribe all of my old journals. Here’s a sample: Now tell me, do you know anybody else who’s transcribing their journals? I’ve kept a ridiculous number of the darn things, too—maybe 20 official journals and […]