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  • The Glory of a Summer Evening

    A hamburger with lots of pickles, accompanied by a big, leafy salad. Running barefooted across the cool grass as the color of a mango sunset drains slowly from the sky. Sand on my feet from volleyball, chlorine on my skin from swimming, and a tune in my head from a sing-along on the steps. And,…

  • Being Postsuppositional

    My thinking has started along many of these lines before, but I never followed them through to a proper conclusion as this logical/philosophical analysis does. I didn’t read every word (it’s pretty hefty) but what I did read was quite striking.

  • A Few Thoughts

    Hey! Thanks for reading and replying. Here are some more thoughts I’ve had related to that. Susanna’s Comment Thanks for writing such a great post. I really enjoyed it. And now I am more convinced than ever that I have to go to Paris someday. I like to believe that it really is everything I…