Mark I Bread Prototype

Mark I Bread

My first attempt in recent memory at cooking one type of what may be the world’s oldest food: bread! Lessons learned:

  1. Cooking bread with olive oil maybe works. At first the bread tasted strange, but by the next day it tasted quite good. I think next time I’ll try using butter or vegetable oil to see how that turns out.
  2. Use bread flour, not all-purpose flour. The “crumb” of the bread (the stuff inside the crust) didn’t develop very well and I blame it on the low gluten content of the flour.
  3. If you start baking at 9:30pm then nobody will be awake to enjoy the results with you when they’re done!
  4. Don’t trust the kitchen timer to reach your ears all the way upstairs.

In the end the bread was good but not great; the experience gained, though, was definitely worth the effort.






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