A Goal Gastronomical

Having just eaten lunch at Kneaders I was struck with a really cool idea: I’m going to make my own Kneaders-like meal, doing as much from scratch as is reasonable. This would include the following:

  • The Sandwich
    • Vegetables: grow the lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, onions, sprouts, etc.
    • Bread: not milling my own wheat or anything, but baking the bread on my own
    • Cheese: can I make cheese?
      [I won’t bother trying to do the meats or the eggs (for mayonaise) on my own]
  • Soup: grow some broccoli and make a cream of broccoli soup, or grow potatoes and make potato soup
  • Pickles: pickled from my own cucumbers
  • Potato chips: made from my own potatoes

Since I haven’t been growing the right vegetables I’ll do it next year.






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