A Happy Feeling

I don’t know why, but I’ve had a happy feeling in my heart the last few days. Whenever that happens I wonder, “Why do I feel this way?” I never really find an exact reason, but of course it still makes me feel glad.

Here’s one cool thing: I turned off the little thing that announces what track my music player is playing. When I had the announcement thing turned on, I would see a track and think “I’ve heard that a million times” and then skip to the next one. Well, without it I can’t do that, so by the time I’ve figured out what song it is it’s already played for a while and I start to remember why I like the song, even if I have heard it a million times. Due to that little change I’ve been discovering that I do have a lot of cool music!

I’ve also been looking through old emails from around my freshman year of college. The combined effect is to have voices from the past all intermixing with my present—an old swing ballad from the 1940’s, an email from a friend from home in the summer before heading off to BYU. I could also throw in photos and journals and who knows what else. It’s like a teeny, tiny inkling of a taste of what God experiences that led him to tell Moses “all things are present with me, for I know them all.” The sensation I felt was but an imitation of the true eternal present through which God experiences things. There is no past or future: there is only being. Someday we will actually be able to perceive the world in that way. Right now it’s cool just to imagine it.

Speaking of music reminds me that I still haven’t gotten any new music, in spite of all of the great recommendations I got from you loyal readers a few months ago. But I think I’m building up to it. Sometime soon!

By the way, here’s what I worked on today:

A class diagram illustrating the permissions system in my CS340 project.

You have my permission to make a poster out of it. I know, it’s that cool.







4 responses to “A Happy Feeling”

  1. Dianey Avatar

    I hope that happy feeling can be there more often. Hooray!

  2. Maria Avatar

    Dang, yo. You deserve a happy feeling. I think you should make it happier by coming to the Shakespearian Festival with me- I’m trying to recruit people and you seem like a good bet somehow. Comedy of Errors? Could be good!

  3. cking Avatar

    Hey, I like your comparison to God having all things present…
    Yeah for happy feelings and memories:)

  4. Mishi Avatar

    Awwww…emails from freshman year. I bet that is entertaining! Memories!!!

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