Powers of Two

Okay, I know I just had a post called “Two Ideas”. I guess I’m feeling binary lately. Here goes….

The two books I bought today

  1. Algorithms—this is for Computer Science 312. I think it will go a long way towards being able to understand what the people in the NLP lab are always talking about.
  2. The Art and Craft of Poetry—this is for fun. It was something like half off and I think I might get some good ideas on the process of poetry.

Two poems I just posted

  1. The Poet’s Trap—a musing on poetic (non-)conformity
  2. “And Ye Would Not!”—don’t be a monk and get involved in civil wars. Maybe be a monk. Maybe be in civil wars. But don’t do both. (At least not at the same time.)

Two more days until I return to school

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday

(Yeah, those two days. Not any of the other ones.)

Multiply it all together…

…and you get 8 book-poem-days, known in le SI as 8 hansens. Perhaps the units are a bit unfamiliar, but the student can nevertheless easily comprehend from this example the power of twos. Or was that the powers of two?

The Power of “Too”?







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