Dubious Honor, But See The Show!

Well, I’m not quite sure what it says about my not-quite-nascent acting career (they said I was good at “vacant”), but I’ve been cast to play the title role (at least, a role from part of the title) in Waiting for Godot Baggins at tomorrow night’s Bad Play Project.

There will be minimal, if any, rehearsal for the series of short one-act plays tomorrow. Tryouts were tonight. These plays are going to be bad—but hopefully they will be awesomely bad. It’s $5 and the show starts at 7:30pm at the Provo Theatre Company theater on 100E 100N in Provo. My roommate, Gabe, and his girlfriend, Sarah, are also going to be part of the cast of this and other plays during the show. Come!

Update: Things keep getting dubiouser and dubiouser… I’ve also gotten a part in “Crime & Punishument & Teletubbies: The Musical” and “How Are You? Hated”. In “Crime & Punishment & Teletubbies” you get to see Tinky Winky (Gabe Proulx) plot and carry out the violent and pointless death of that leech, Dipsy (Josh Hansen). How does the madness end? It seems to involve Sarah, as a dinosaur. A notorious dinosaur of color that is not blue or red but is maybe somewhere in between….

The latter play has me and another person die onstage in totally unique ways 15 times each. You might consider that alone to be your five dollars worth.






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