Come to the Shakespeare Reading!

Shakespeare's First Folio
The Bard was totally into civil rights stuff.

I’m hereby invoking the massive online presence that is to spread the word about tomorrow’s MLK Day Shakespeare Reading for our Curiously Poetic Altoids poetry club. Here’s the announcement:

Hi Altoid friends!
Tomorrow is the blessed holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and in honor of its awesomeness we are going to have a Shakespeare reading. At 3pm in Alta #304 we will be reading/acting out/presenting in whatever form you see fit the hilarious, not-too-long, “The Comedy of Errors”. So please come, bring a copy of the play or a laptop on which to view it if you can (if not, we can share), and also bring a few dollars to contribute to a pizza fund, because it won’t just be our inner muses being fed, but our inner stomachs as well.

So, to sum up: Shakespeare, 3pm, 304, copy of play, pizza money, you, us, fun, Monday.

Be there. Or be elsewhere. But just be there.






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