Boko Maru

At a jazz festival I once heard a band called Boko Maru. They were really fun to see, and I’d like to hear their music again. Yet the band seems to have ceased to be quite a while ago. (See this archived version of their old web page and this review.) So here’s a request: to anybody who has a copy of Boko Maru’s sole album, Dreamland, I ask you to upload it to imeem so as to give Boko Maru a second life. That would make me glad 🙂

By the way, ever since seeing Boko Maru, often when I see a bag of Coco Roos it makes me think of them. Boco Maroos? Now that would be a sweet breakfast!

2 thoughts on “Boko Maru

  1. Aaron

    I actually have this album if you still need a copy. Found your blog looking for any info on them. Sad to hear they’ve disbanded. They were amazing!

    Let me know if you what their album. The.Tarquin [at symbol goes here] gmail [dot com].


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