Dance Party

I went to a dance party tonight. It was almost against my will—I figured I would probably end up going, but when the time came I didn’t really feel like leaving the apartment. But, I had told some of the girls from the hosting apartment that I would see them there, so I felt like I needed to.

Well, it was fun! Back in high school and my freshman year of college I was a pretty enthusiastic dancer, but I’ve sort of lost the taste for it or something lately. But it’s really that I don’t have as much energy as I used to, since many times when I actually get around to dancing I remember that I like it. It’s fun to move to the music and it’s something that I naturally like to do—unless there are people around. Then I have to overcome a bit of self-consciousness.






2 responses to “Dance Party”

  1. Jeff & Michelle Avatar

    Good for you!! I haven’t been to a dance party in forever either! I’m glad you had a fun time. I am SO like that…where I won’t feel like leaving the house, but if I just get myself to do it, I end up enjoying it!

  2. susanna june Avatar

    I’m glad you went and were able to enjoy dancing again. I remember how much you loved going to dances in high school, but it seems as we get older we tend to forget why we loved something so much.
    Anyway, give me a call! I miss my brother.

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