Faith in America

I just watched Mitt Romney’s speech on “Faith in America” and was quite impressed. I was impressed how he framed his ideas in terms of the moral foundation of the Declaration of Independence—much as Lincoln framed his arguments against slavery not in any formalism in the Constitution, but on the Declaration. I was impressed by his bold declaration of belief in his Mormon faith, and his unwillingness to reduce that faith to mere “tradition.” I was impressed by his articulation of religion as a dynamic force in American public life, his interpretation of constitutionally-established religious freedom as neither a religion of secularism nor an endorsement of any one particular religion. He did this in a manner much clearer and more inspiring than I’ve ever seen before. While I remain decidedly undecided as far as which candidate to support for president next year, I will certainly consider this.






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  1. Jeff & Michelle Avatar

    Thanks for posting this – I had heard about this speech, but hadn’t found a way to listen to it! (And thanks for actually posting something!) haha

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