Some Political Thoughts

Largely based on discussions of egregious violations of the Constitution by the Bush presidency, and a reading of Wikipedia’s article on Abraham Lincoln:

The government cannot operate merely on a legal basis, but must ultimately have a moral foundation. Lincoln found this in the Declaration of Independence; I find it in that document as well as in the Constitution, the Bible and Book of Mormon.

The heritage of obedience to the Constitution as actual law—the rule of law—must not be squandered. In its limitless desire for the expansion of executive authority (e.g. unauthorized wiretapping) and its reckless disregard for the right of a trial guaranteed by the Constitution, the administration of George W. Bush—and certainly the president himself—has done much to destroy that legacy. The American people must, and I believe do, reject this, for if the presidency cannot be held within the bounds prescribed by law, then “We the People of the United States” have ceased to be the granters of his authority. When that threshold is crossed, tyranny is waiting in the wings.

So be outraged! And be embarrassed that you weren’t before, that you didn’t value your liberty and the free society built by those before us sufficiently to rise in their defense at the first threat.







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