En españa—12 de mayo de 2007

In Segovia¡Hola todos! Today we went to Segovia and Ávila, two towns in provinces neighboring Salamanca. I have to hurry because I don’t have enough money to go over 15 minutes on the computer without having to split a 20 euro bill to pay like .50€, so sorry this is rushed. I’m writing a lot more than you guys are seeing, but it’s on paper and I don’t have the time to type it up for now.

In Segovia there’s a great Roman aqueduct (I don’t know how to spell that in english, in Spanish it’s acueducto). Think, 2000 years old and still standing. With a little help from some European Union human culture preservation fund, of course. There was also a castle called el Alcázar with an amazing moat. Then in Ávila the town had its full set of city walls, an amazing sight from far off and close up. Sorry, no pic there, yet.

Gotta go, hope to share more later! Love you all,
– Josh






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  1. Tallia Avatar

    Hey, is that a new hat?! I want to see pictures of the castles, at least when you get home. Keep up the posts…it’s almost like being there for us poor people back home 🙂

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