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I just found that there are support sites on the Internet for people who are afraid of flying! That’s been one of my main concerns about going to Spain: the extremely long flight there and back. The hour and a half from here to Washington can be bad enough (or it can be extremely pleasant, it’s kind of random) but 14 hours or whatever could be a nightmare! Well, that’s not really the case, since I know that my panic attacks are worst in the first two hours or so of a situation that causes them, like freeway driving or being stuck in a big meeting, for example. If I can survive for that long—and I always can—then I start to relax and end up enjoying myself in whatever the activity is. But anyway, maybe I can watch videos of flying on YouTube so I can get more used to the idea, so then it will eliminate any unneeded anxiety. Who knows!







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  1. Tallia Avatar

    Hey Josh,

    You’re going to call us all and say goodbye before you head off to Spain, right? You’d better! I hope your final goes well tomorrow.

    I think that’s great you had some fun dates. I don’t know what to say about the hang-up you have with the girl. Except, maybe she made a mistake and maybe she regrets it too. You’ll have to get to know her better if you want to know for sure. But you should go for the girl that graduated in health science! Hehe.

    I think that’d be cool if the virtual flying thing online will help you. But anyways, you’re right that you’ll make it through and it will all be cool. Plus, you’ll be with friends, so hopefully that will take your mind off of it.

  2. susanna june Avatar

    Sometimes it is best if you face your fears so maybe some simulated flying wouldn’t be a bad thing to try out. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on. Good luck with everything.

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