Learning C++

I’€™m taking (actually, retaking) Computer Science 240 right now. So I’€™m learning C++. This is someting I’€™ve always wanted to do. I was maybe 10 years old when we got Turbo C++. My dad was the only one who knew how to use it, but still, I had fun playing with the “Heap Walker”€ program. I wasn’€™t able to learn simply by experimentation, like I did with QBASIC. Now, having paid some of my dues with tuition and time, I feel like I’€™m learning the language. The project we’re working on right now in class is an implementation of make. I’€™ve been hacking away, learning how to deal with circular #include’€™s, finding memory leaks and fixing segmentation faults. Maybe sometime soon I’€™ll be able to start contributing to some Open Source projects – another long-time goal of mine.

Here’s something I would like to code into KDevelop: a plugin that allows the file list sidebar to be sorted to have the most recently used files on top. Somehow there has to be a more optimal way to switch between source files than pushing Ctrl+/ and typing the name of the file, or moving the mouse cursor over to click on the “File List”€™ sidebar button, then back over to the file that you want to open. How about a key combination that cycles through the last five most recently used files? There must be some better way.






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