Category: politics

  • Provo: Welcome Home (Unless Single)

    The city of Provo, Utah, has undertaken a campaign to reduce the number of single people living in its boundaries, to limit the number of singles living in existing housing, and to prevent additional housing for singles from being built. It’s not too far off from singles-cide. Imagine if this were done to any other […]

  • Taxation

    There’s a reason why every year I put off filing my taxes until almost the last possible moment. I usually just chalk it up to my ingrained habit of procrastination, and I’m sure that’s at least part of the story. But the real reason is that paying taxes in the United States is a nightmare. […]

  • Fired

    It’s like a fire. It burns, The anxiety, the fierce desire To preserve this reserve Of liberty To maintain the promise The magic The myth Of us as one people Of government for us And by us And of us. Oh let it not perish From the earth. Let not our times Be the times […]