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    Brookings Institution: Concerns about the Treasury Rescue Plan

  • Power Grab

    The Paulson Plan is a dud. No, wait, I take it back. It’s not a dud; it’s a naked, heinous reach for power; it’s a very public, very pricey Gentlemen’s Club asking for government financing; it’s not just unnecessary, it’s a swindle. Lessons from Fiction To a degree, this is an example of life imitating…

  • Worse Than The Disease

    NO!!! Forget about the election. Forget about the war. Forget about it all, because by the time you vote in November, the stupidest thing the government’s done in a long, long time will already have gone down, and it’s gonna be too late. SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS??? To do what? To save the butts of…