Category: economics

  • Taxation

    There’s a reason why every year I put off filing my taxes until almost the last possible moment. I usually just chalk it up to my ingrained habit of procrastination, and I’m sure that’s at least part of the story. But the real reason is that paying taxes in the United States is a nightmare. […]

  • Ideologue-y

    Do you ever feel that the previous generation just sees you as another potential acolyte to be indoctrinated and enlisted to fight the next big ideological war? In several situations I have felt like that. These were in linguistics, in economics, and—of course—in politics. In linguistics the philosophical divide basically shakes out as the rationalist, […]

  • A Healthy Little Dose of Doom and Gloom (Plus Prophecies!)

    [Update: This editorial wasn’t really written by the guy I originally said it was written by. I’m not sure who actually wrote it, but they gave rights to freely distribute it, so we’re OK.] We’re going to call this Monstropolitan’s very first guest editorial, although the guest who wrote the editorial isn’t yet aware of […]