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  • Change

    Change. Things are changing. Some of these are unhappy changes, and in many ways the world seems to be falling apart. The whole mood is that we have been much more than we ever will be again. The incoming president promises change as well. The change of progress to counteract the change of decay. We […]

  • Some Political Thoughts

    Largely based on discussions of egregious violations of the Constitution by the Bush presidency, and a reading of Wikipedia’s article on Abraham Lincoln: The government cannot operate merely on a legal basis, but must ultimately have a moral foundation. Lincoln found this in the Declaration of Independence; I find it in that document as well […]

  • I Disapprove: English Immersion as Foolishness and Arrogance

    See this link about English immersion education programs. English immersion sounds like something that foreigners do when they want to learn English fast. That’s something such a system is good for. However, at least in California, English immersion is in essence a rejection of bilingual education. Now, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe California’s bilingual […]