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  • There is no fear in love

    You might say I’m something of a late bloomer. At least, that’s how I feel sometimes. As a teen and through much of my twenties I was so hunkered down just trying to survive that I never really learned how to thrive. Still trying to figure that part out. In any sort of love story […]

  • Susan

    I keep postponing this post, but the postponed, post-pondering, shall now be posted! By the way, thanks to everyone who reads this blog and comments on it. I’m not so sure I would read this stuff if one of my friends was putting it out; you all are very good to me. Okay, here goes…. […]

  • Overheard in the Atrium

    In a nod to my friend Emily’s recent post, I’m going to describe something interesting I observed in the Harold B. Lee library last night. There I was on the first floor of the atrium, the big, three-story glass enclosure with trees and ferns and seats for studying. All was peaceful, I was happily being […]