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  • Dark Vader

    Note: I originally wrote this post in November but for some reason never published it. (Unpublished posts probably outnumber published ones on this blog!) I just read through it again and decided it needs to see the light of day. Enjoy! Darth Vader. What a villain. At least that’s how we usually see him. After […]

  • Too Whatever

    A few weeks ago with some friends I watched a Finnish movie called “Äideistä parhain” (Mother of Mine). It tells the story of a young Finnish boy named Eero. Eero has a bit of a rough time through the course of the film. His father is killed in an air raid during fighting between the Soviet […]

  • Phil’s Lesson

    In Groundhog Day, Phil Connors (Bill Murray’s character) lives February 2nd over and over and over again. Such an experience would be maddening—no relationship you built would persist, no accomplishment would be lasting. Yet it would also be liberating—a chance to live life without permanent consequences aside from the learning you take with you. You could […]