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  • Why…

    …are eBooks embracing DRM while online music stores are abandoning it? What’s the difference aside from a couple of megabytes?

  • Lemmata

    Shocking fact: computers can’t do everything. I know, I know, all of those years living in delusion. But get up off the floor, it’s not that bad. You see, what a computer can’t do tells us at least as much about the computer as what it can do. Actually, to be more exact, what a […]

  • Firefox 1.5 Bursts Free? Sneaks Out

    Firefox 1.5 has been released. For a list of the crazy new features, check here. I think that all the hype is waiting for the Firefox Flicks ad competition. This release seems like a much more subtle event than the bold release of 1.0, for example. This is because when you open up the new […]