Author: Josh Hansen

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day

    I rarely wish people a “happy Fourth of July”. It’s always “Happy Independence Day” from me. I guess because that’s what the day is about, regardless of where it lands on the calendar. Happy Independence Day! I’m worried about our country. I get it, everybody’s worried about our country these days. I guess I feel […]

  • A few thoughts on occupancy limits in Provo

    The law needs to change. People are literally being driven from their homes—being threatened with lawsuits by the city of Provo, essentially evicted from homes with more than enough space for them. Were they a husband and wife and brother and sister-in-law, plus children, they would be permitted to remain and have as many cars […]

  • Provo: Welcome Home (Unless Single)

    The city of Provo, Utah, has undertaken a campaign to reduce the number of single people living in its boundaries, to limit the number of singles living in existing housing, and to prevent additional housing for singles from being built. It’s not too far off from singles-cide. Imagine if this were done to any other […]