A Question for my Loyal Readers

I have a multi-part question for you guys:

  1. Do you have a Google account?
  2. If so, do you have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot?
  3. If so, in your Blogger dashboard, when you click on the “Settings” tab, is there a sub-tab called “OpenID”?
  4. If so, if you click on “Log in” at the top of my website, and put your Blogger website address (e.g. http://oyevato.blogspot.com/ — my old website) in the OpenID login field, can you log in to my site?

4 thoughts on “A Question for my Loyal Readers

    1. Josh

      I knew you weren’t to be trusted so I tightened up the security. Plus, after Gabe tried to spam my site a couple of months ago we’ve been at a Homepage Security threat level of 3.2 or so just in case any characters come around and try to pull something. Nice try 🙂


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